vomit - voice over misconfigured internet telephones
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vomit - voice over misconfigured[1] internet telephones

The vomit utility converts a Cisco IP phone conversation into a wave file that can be played with ordinary sound players. Vomit requires a tcpdump output file. Vomit is not a VoIP sniffer also it could be but the naming is probably related to H.323.


The vomit utility is distributed under a BSD-license and completely free for any use including commercial.

In order to build vomit, you need libevent, a library for asynchronous event notification and libdnet or libnet.


$ vomit -r phone.dump | waveplay -S8000 -B16 -C1


Vomit works only for G.711.


The program contains wave file interpreting code from waveplay by Y. Sonoda, ulaw conversion code from Sun Microsystems, and some pcap code from Dug Song. It also contains contributions by Marius A. Eriksen.


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[1] Misconfigured might be misleading because the Cisco IP phones so far cannot do encryption. However, a quick solution is to establish an IPsec tunnel between the phone and the call manager. An old 486 laptop running OpenBSD is a good fit for that task. You could also run opportunistic encryption with OpenSwan on Linux.

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